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Options for dividing the family home in a divorce

When a married couple buys a home, they may envision living together in it for years or decades to come. Unfortunately, not every marriage is meant to last meaning homeowners in the Pensacola area facing divorce will have to decide what to do with what may be one of...

Main reasons a couple may file for divorce

Not all marriage issues lead to divorce, but there are common reasons why couples decide to end their relationships. Couples in Florida and across the country might be experiencing the same common marriage conflicts that could result in divorce. Continuous...

The evolution of same-sex divorce

Marriage equality has been a long battle for the LGBT community. Until 2015, Florida did not recognize same-sex marriage. However, there were many same-sex married couples residing in the state. Many of them had married elsewhere but decided to settle in Florida. That...

Recommendations for moving on from a divorce

Florida residents are likely familiar with the saying that time heals all wounds. Individuals going through a divorce may take longer to heal than others, but there are some actions that can be taken to hasten the recovery process. If someone getting a divorce has...

How to approach a family law judge

During a Florida divorce, many parents live in fear of the judge in the case. The judge indeed has a great deal of power to decide matters that affect the children or the divorce in general. When individuals understand what the judge can do, it will counsel their...


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