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November 2012 Archives

Jacksonville woman vandalizes courthouse during divorce

A Jacksonville woman spray-painted graffiti on her local courthouse while going through a divorce and custody dispute. Pensacola residents going through a divorce know divorce can be an emotional time, and taking the time to understand one's legal rights may help them feel more in control during the divorce.

Halle Berry can't go to France with child, says judge

When parents want to move to a different area and take the children along, many issues can arise. Unless divorced or unmarried parents relocate to the same area, it can make it difficult for one parent to spend time with their kids. Since mothers are more often than not are awarded custody of children, moving away to another area can turn out to be a violation of fathers' rights to have a relationship with their children.

No child support from father for 25 kids, their mothers say

Child support is a critical aspect of modern life. When parents split up, or when they're never married in the first place, some agreement is necessary to ensure a child is properly cared for. Anyone dealing with child support issues should be aware of one's full rights in a court of law. Florida readers will be interested to hear about an unusual case in which a man is under scrutiny for allegedly paying little to no child support to the mothers of his 25­­ children.

Man accused of not paying child support for 21 years

Florida readers may be interested to hear about a child-support case from another state. The story centers around a man who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in delinquent payments for child support. Anyone having issues with child support should understand their legal rights so they can learn how to best resolve their situation.

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