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October 2015 Archives

Child support reform may be on the horizon

Parents have a responsibility to provide for the needs of their children, regardless of whether they remain together or pursue separate lives. When one parent has physical custody of his or her children and the other is granted visitation, the end result is usually a child support arrangement in which the non-custodial parent is expected to provide monthly payments. For some parents in Florida and elsewhere, meeting that financial obligation is virtually impossible due to the fact that the non-custodial parent is in prison.

Fathers' rights: Co-parenting after custody is settled

For many Florida fathers, the period of time that follows a divorce can be just as challenging as the divorce itself. This is especially true for those who have fought a difficult fathers' rights battle, but even fathers who have had a relatively easy divorce can be thrown for a loop when transitioning into the next steps. This is a time in which new roles are structured, new boundaries are set and all parties begin to settle into the routine of a co-parenting arrangement. For those who are preparing to enter this process, there are a few basic guidelines that can make the transition easier for all involved.

How does women's intuition impact family law needs?

Virtually every adult female in the state of Florida is aware of the term "women's intuition." Even those who may have never heard it phrased exactly that way recognize the sensation of knowing that something is just not right well before there are obvious indicators of trouble. Some people believe that women are particularly geared toward sensing the subtle changes that often precede distress; others think that women are simply more likely to listen to those inner clues. Regardless of how you explain it, a woman's gut feelings can play a crucial role in making solid family law decisions.

Financial fraud can affect property division

For most Florida couples who are considering divorce, dividing marital wealth is one of the most significant aspects of that process. In some cases, one spouse suspects that the other is not being completely honest about the full range of family financial assets, but is unsure how to approach the issue. This can be especially true in cases in which money has gone missing in the past, or when one spouse is kept out of the family's financial matters. When the time comes to address property division, many spouses want to find assurance that they will be able to walk away with their fair share of marital wealth.

The role of trusts within property division

All Florida spouses are aware that a significant portion of any divorce involves negotiating the division of marital assets. In fact, aside from matters of child custody, property division is often cited as the primary focus within the divorce process. For individuals who plan to receive a sizeable inheritance, it is important to take steps to protect that wealth in case a divorce is on the horizon.

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