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Skilled Lawyers Standing Beside Homeowners And Business Owners In Storm Damage Claims.

Insurance companies that take an inordinate amount of time to settle a claim or refuse payment on losses covered under a policy, may be guilty of insurance bad faith.

Our firm aggressively represents homeowners and business owners who have suffered financial loss due to hurricane damage covered under insurance policies, when insurers either refuse to honor or have delayed making payment. In either circumstance, it is essential that homeowners understand what is covered under the terms of their insurance policy, and the obligations of their insurance carrier after a hurricane. Although flood insurance is sold separately, a typical homeowners, renters, or business insurance policy covers both wind and rain damages.

Understanding what is covered and how to collect and provide documentation when making a hurricane claim is essential since there may be very little if any physical evidence of lost items. Our firm can assist you throughout the entire claim process, letting insurance companies know that we are prepared to take to Court if they take too long or make any attempt to deny coverage under the terms of your policy.

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What Your Insurance Company Should Provide For You After A Hurricane

An important component of hurricane insurance coverage is providing a level of basic services and needs for individuals and business owners immediately after the storm. Your insurance company should provide coverage for some or all of the following under the terms of your policy:

Homeowners Insurance And Your Mortgage Company

Occasionally, a mortgage company fails to pay homeowners insurance either through poor bookkeeping or general negligence. However, mortgage companies are now legally responsible for all damage that would have been covered under an insurance policy had it been paid. Additionally, a mortgage company can be held financially liable for all insurance reinstatement costs and fees if it was sent a payment-due notice by the insurer.

Our firm will prepare all necessary legal documentation and paperwork to take action against mortgage companies that fail to pay homeowners insurance when you have a hurricane loss.While you will likely need to pay costs for repairs, housing, and food upfront, our office may seek punitive damages in addition to reimbursement costs for your losses.

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It’s often difficult to get the attention you need after a hurricane, especially when an insurance company is looking at millions of dollars in claims. As your legal representative, we will make sure that insurers do not cut concerns or attempt to use suspect rationalizations to deny your claim.

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