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August 2013 Archives

Third-party help could ease child custody disputes in Florida

Leaving behind the issues of divorce is what many former couples strive for after the proceedings end. Though some parties are able to go through the process amiably, issues can arise months or years after a divorce has been finalized. Child custody is one of the main areas where disagreements can form, leaving one or both parents seeking modifications. Though they may be legally separated, parents are still tied through their children and negotiations concerning them may need to be made.

Usher petitions for child support modifications

Even celebrities may find themselves in the middle of a family law issue. Many in Florida have been following the divorce issues faced by pop star singer Usher which has caught significant media attention. Recently, another chapter in the saga has been unfolding. The singer is now asking the court for child support modifications to lower his required payments to his former wife.

Learning lessons from the divorce process of the rich and famous

The divorce process is never easy and the more affluent the couple involved, the more difficult settlement negotiations can become. However, in the case of Rupert Murdoch, the wealthy CEO of The News Corporation, and his wife Wendy, their divorce process is not likely to be reported much in the news. Unlike many Florida couples, these two have gone through divorces before. Since they have had prior experience with the divorce process, it may help out of court settlement proceedings go smoother and be more successful.

Status updates can lower one's financial status in a divorce

For many in Florida, updating their Facebook status is a regular part of their day or week. Social media is a great way to share information about one's achievements and activities, and to connect to friends and family who are far away. However, when divorce is on the horizon, social media users should carefully evaluate what they post, and how their actions could be used against them in court.

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