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January 2016 Archives

Family law issues can benefit from a team effort

When a Florida spouse is going through issues such as divorce or child custody, the people with whom one turns to for support form a team of sorts. These people can have a great deal of impact on how things progress for their friend or family member, which is why it is so very important to select the right people for the job. Understanding the most common behavior patterns of friends and relatives can make it easier to choose one's circle wisely before and during family law issues.  

Court says "no" to reversing divorce

Most Florida spouses who file for divorce do so with the intention of severing all ties with their soon-to-be ex. In many cases, this is exactly what will happen once the divorce is made final, and both parties will move forward toward new lives. In some cases, however, spouses who go through divorce reconnect, and some will even take their vows a second time. A recent case illustrates one couple's journey from married to divorced and then to a courtroom as they attempt to have their divorce overturned.

A state's Supreme Court rules on stepparent child support

Most Florida parents are aware that in order to be held accountable for child support, an individual must be the biological or legal parent of the child in question. In the case of stepparents, when a blended family becomes divided by divorce, the stepparent usually moves on with no financial obligation toward his or her stepchildren. Of course, if the stepparent legally adopted a stepchild during the course of the marriage, then child support would come into play. In an unusual ruling, one state's Supreme Court has determined that, in certain cases, a stepparent can be held responsible for child support.

Resolving divorce issues while considering a return to work

Hammering out the details of a divorce settlement is a process that is far more involved than many Florida spouses anticipate. There are a multitude of considerations to take into account, and there is also the underlying tension that comes with making any significant financial decision. For some, divorce will lead to a return to the workforce, a change that is not always wanted. Understanding how divorce issues will affect one's future financial standing can make it easier to concentrate on finding the best possible job after the marriage has ended.

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