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November 2013 Archives

Child custody cases can be difficult for Florida parents

Although divorce for Florida couples is the ending of a particular part of one's life, it needs to be remembered that divorce is also about a new beginning. When parents are sharing the custody of their children, situations can prove to be difficult. Though divorce can be a stressful time for children, when parents put effort into doing what's best for them in the child custody case, the outcome can be much better.

When Florida child custody and support cases get nasty

Parents in Florida know that a child custody verdict can often not go as hoped. Regardless of the rulings in child custody cases, many parents feel as if they can put the law in their own hands and give parenting time to the other parent only when they see fit. It is always important to remember that just because the other parent denies time with the child, this does not give legal right to avoid paying child support. Going against a judge's orders can have some serious consequences for both of the non-complying parties, and it is usually best to handle such situations in the courtroom.

Negative emotions should stay out of Florida parenting plan

Florida residents going through a divorce often wonder what the parenting plan will be like after the divorce is finalized. Oftentimes, it is the judge overseeing the child custody case who finalizes a custody agreement for after the divorce. Although many divorces end with couples wanting nothing to do with each other, this is proven to not be a beneficial way to go about having a successful parenting plan.

Florida parents should remember children during divorce

Divorce is an emotional and sometimes lengthy process for many Florida couples. So many issues have to be covered and things can get hectic, even for children. It is important to recognize the emotions that children are feeling, even if they do not voice them. Children can often be unintentionally forgotten during a divorce. However, there are many things that parents can do during the divorce to make children feel included, and more importantly -- remembered.

Florida divorce: Ensuring that a spouse is honest about assets

Couples who have decided that their marriage is over have many issues to settle between them. One of those may concern whether one party has tried to conceal assets during the divorce process. One publication has recently offered some pointers that may be useful for separating couples in every state, including Florida.

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