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August 2015 Archives

The divorce process is different for young spouses

Most Florida residents are aware of the marriage and divorce statistics for couples who choose to wed in their early 20s. Despite the somewhat dire outlook painted by those statistics, many couples choose to take the plunge and say their vows as they enter into adulthood, for better or for worse. As things turn out, many of those couples will seek divorce soon after, and some will find that the divorce process is different from what they may have expected.

Surviving a parenting plan with a difficult partner

Once a child custody case is settled and a division of rights and duties has been established, many Florida parents believe that the bulk of contention with their ex will be over. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Living with a parenting plan can be difficult, especially for parents who do not have a healthy relationship with one another. The following tips are offered in the hopes of easing some of the common areas of conflict.

Understanding retirement accounts and property division

The division of marital assets is a primary focus within many Florida divorce cases. Often, spouses are not on equal footing when it comes to having a comprehensive understanding of the financial matters within their marriage. This can leave one spouse at a particular disadvantage when it comes to negotiating property division.

If Ashley Madison list goes public, will divorce rate spike?

News of a major hack into the website of Ashley Madison has spread across Florida and throughout the nation. The company has built a thriving business on connecting married spouses with individuals who are willing to cheat with regard to their own vows, although many of those people are now at risk of their account information becoming publicly available. Those behind the hack are threatening to release the personal information of Ashley Madison's clients, both past and present. That could lead to an increase in divorce filings, as spouses learn that their partners have been searching online for opportunities to cheat.

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