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December 2014 Archives

Harold Hamm files appeal for divorce decision

Sometimes, when a divorce has already been finalized, ex-spouses may wish to file an appeal. This is true for one case in which a well-known oil company owner appealed his previous divorce ruling. Many Florida blog readers may be aware that Harold Hamm's ex-wife was previously awarded almost $1 billion in their divorce.

Florida couples should not be guided by fear during divorce

There is little doubt that divorce can be a springboard for numerous emotions. From anger to sadness to relief, divorcing couples in Florida experience plenty of reactions to the process. However, fear is one of those sensations that can get in the way of making wise choices during a divorce.

Destruction of Florida divorce papers can be a tricky decision

Couples that are going through a divorce in Florida may find the experience emotionally exhausting. Consequently, when it's finished, they tend to stash away their divorce papers and never look upon them again if they can help it. However, what they shouldn't do is give in to the temptation to shred the documents any time in the near future.

Florida kids of divorce may need a consistent parenting plan

One of the trickiest aspects of navigating a divorce is when children are part of the mix. In these cases, many parents opt to create a thorough parenting plan with the help of a legal representative. The problem, though, is that parents don't always -- and can't always -- follow the plan to a "T." This can leave room for negative feelings on the parts of everyone involved, especially when one parent feels as though he or she is being left out. A better way to manage any custody arrangement is for Florida divorcing couples to agree to consistency in handling all areas of the parenting plan, including when the parenting plan needs to be transiently modified.

Divorce can be difficult for children, especially on holidays

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, but it can be even more difficult for the children of the separating individuals. Divorce, if not handled properly, can seriously dampen the mood of the holiday season for the children involved. However, if Florida couples take certain precautions during the holiday season, it could make the separation a little easier for their children.

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