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Pensacola Attorneys Representing Working Dads

With varying work schedules that frequently require long hours, working fathers may have difficulty finding time to spend with their children. The situation is compounded when parents are divorced and the father’s opportunities to see the children are significantly reduced.

In many cases, opposing lawyers will attempt to use the father’s work schedule as a reason for the judge to give timesharing majority to the mother. Fathers frequently feel helpless in these situations. Many assume that they have no choice but to allow the mother to dictate how much parenting time they will receive.

However, a skilled child custody attorney like Stephen T. Holman can help to ensure that your parental rights as a father are protected and work to secure a parenting schedule that gives you the access you want and deserve. Please call us at 850-435-6909 ​or toll free at 850-435-6909.

Protecting Your Parental Rights

At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, in Pensacola, our lawyers represent working dads in a wide variety of complex child custody matters. We understand the demands that work can put on you. We also understand that maintaining a meaningful parent-child relationship after the divorce is as important to a father as it is to his children. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, we can help you with custody modifications, relocation matters and other job-related issues that may impact your access to your children.

Stay Involved In Your Child’s Life

In every case, it is important that you show your commitment to maintaining contact with your children. Call when you have time to talk, keep in touch via Skype, attend school plays and go to sporting events. The more time you spend with your children, the better position you will be in if a question is ever raised regarding your priorities between parenthood and work.

Talk To Our Florida Child Custody Lawyers

To schedule a free initial consultation about your concerns regarding the parental rights of working fathers, call 850-435-6909 or toll free at 850-435-6909 or contact us online.