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June 2013 Archives

Prenuptial agreements can provide important protections

For business executives or others with very high income and substantial assets, becoming married can be a problematic step that could involve severe economic repercussions should the marriage turn out to be an ill-conceived mistake. Some individuals with children from prior marriages also want to protect them from the economic vagaries of a new marriage. These are a few reasons why someone in Florida or another state might find prenuptial agreements to be a serious option prior to tying the proverbial knot.

How divorce issues can hinder ability to purchase a home

Many Florida residents emerge from a divorce with an enormous sense of energy and enthusiasm about rebuilding their lives to suit their personal needs and aspirations. For some, a large step along the path toward independence is purchasing a home of their own. Even in times of economic uncertainty, buying a home remains one of the wisest financial moves that an individual can make. However, some would-be homeowners find that lingering divorce issues can have an adverse effect on their ability to finance a new home purchase.

For divorcing Baby Boomers, alimony often chief concern

As Baby Boomers age, matrimonial experts are reporting an increase in "gray divorce," a phenomenon in which older couples end their marital unions. Divorces involving individuals over the age of 50 have their own unique dynamics compared to divorcing that involve younger couples. One major difference is the focus in the divorce case.

A few things for Dads to remember prior to custody hearings

Any divorcing couple wants to avoid a contentious split -- but sometimes, that is simply the way things are. Whether the divorce is amicable or divisive, one of the most important (if not the most important) issues at hand is child custody. If you and your spouse have a child, coming to terms on child support, custody and visitation will be a key matter in proceedings. Ultimately, both you and your spouse want what is best for your child; but getting there can be difficult.

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