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Remembering debt while dividing property

When a Florida couple goes through a divorce, all of their assets are scrutinized during the property division process. Many spouses forget that their debts also play a role within that process, and that debt is also divided at the end of a marriage. Understanding how various forms of debt will be handled can help spouses make informed decisions when dividing property.

Summer brings custody and visitation woes

In many Florida families who have gone through divorce, the summer months can pose a particular challenge. Often, the agreed-upon custody and visitation schedule allows the parent who has less time during the school year to have the bulk of summer visitation. This can be hard on both the parents and the child, and special care must be taken to ensure that kids have a positive experience.

Is it possible to predict the chance of divorce?

Married couples in Florida and elsewhere tend to go through a range of ups and downs over the years, which is perfectly normal. During times of trouble, many spouses worry about whether their union is a healthy one, or if their marriage may be headed for divorce. While it is impossible to know for certain whether a couple will make it through a rough patch and preserve their marriage, one social scientist believes that he has determined two patterns of behavior that often precede the decision to end a marriage.

The connection between Social Security and family law

Most Florida spouses are aware that they have the right to claim a Social Security spousal benefit against the work record of their husband or wife. This gives them the ability to delay making their own claim until their benefits have reached the maximum level, at the full retirement age of 70. That said, few individuals realize that they may also be entitled to a spousal benefit based on the earning of their former husband or wife, as long as certain conditions are met. This creates a unique family law issue for some spouses who are considering filing for divorce.

Being well-informed during the divorce process

For many Florida spouses who are separating, few things are more important than the results of the property division process that occurs during a divorce. The outcome of the division of marital wealth can have a lasting impact on one's financial standing for many years to come. The importance of being well-informed during this phase of the divorce process cannot be overstated.

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