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June 2014 Archives

Florida divorce and a romantic future

The decision to end a marriage could be difficult for a person who is fearful of their ability to date or marry again in the future. For many Florida families, the emotionally charged experience of going through a divorce can leave them with many conflicting feelings. A recent report highlights points of divorce that may not be as negative as many believe, with statistics that could be a silver lining to some.

More custody decisions are reflecting the rights of fathers

Over the past few decades, the role of the father has shifted from simply a provider to that of an active participant in the parenting process for many Florida families. Along with this shift, more and more fathers are realizing the importance of their role of father. As such, many fathers are insisting that the rights of fathers be recognized in important divorce decisions such as child custody and child support.

Halle Berry ordered to pay $16,000 monthly in child support

Child support is one area of a divorce proceeding in Florida that often sparks conflict between two divorcing individuals. One party often tries to limit how much he or she ends up giving away in child support payments, while the other parent wants the maximum monthly payment possible. A judge will look at multiple factors to determine who will be on the hook for child support and how much he or she will be responsible for.

Man fighting for fathers' rights headed to trial

Fathers in Florida may be familiar with the battles of fighting for fathers' rights. A man in another state has recently found himself in a situation where he is literally fighting to be with his son. After trials and tribulations in the case, he and his son's mother are now forced to go to trial to determine where the boy's best interest lies -- with his mother or father. This case of fathers' rights in a child custody battle is not the norm of a mother wanting to move in order to work or go to school; it is about a mother wanting to be with her new husband.

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