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What is a postnuptial marital settlement agreement?

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Blog |

You may have heard the terms “prenuptial agreement, post-nuptial agreement and “marital settlement agreement” when discussing marriage. All three of these terms refer to legally binding contracts that will dictate the distribution of assets if the marriage changes or ends. The agreements are all different but essentially serve the same purpose of protecting one or both parties financially.

A prenuptial agreement is signed before marriage with the intent that the couple will stay married, but the reassurance that they will be covered if they don’t. Post-nuptial agreements are signed after marriage, but the signing of a postnuptial agreement doesn’t guarantee the couple is getting a divorce. They may be signed because of a financial change that occurs after the couple is married.

What is a Postnuptial Marital Settlement Agreement?

Marital settlement agreements are also signed after marriage, but they are signed with the intent to get a divorce. Marital settlement agreements are signed by both parties and essentially help resolve the issues of divorce before legal action takes place. This allows the couple time to sort out their affairs outside of court and come to an agreement they are both okay with.

What are Postnuptial Marital Settlement Agreements Used For?

There are a variety of things a marital settlement agreement can be used for. The guidelines set from using the agreement will differ from couple to couple. A few of the things that may be included are the distribution of assets, alimony and spousal support, child support, taxes, insurance and more.

Since a marital settlement agreement helps hammer out the details of divorce before it actually happens, it can help the divorce move quicker and with less headache than it would without.

How Can I Obtain a Postnuptial Marital Settlement Agreement?

Essentially this is a contract between the couple, so if a couple is looking to obtain a postnuptial marital settlement agreement, they should speak with a legal professional. An attorney who specializes in family law will be able to help them draft an agreement up and assist the couple in making sure everything is by the book and will hold up in court should issues arise down the line.

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