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July 2015 Archives

Going through divorce, superhero style

In the early stages of divorce, many Florida spouses feel as though they are completely overwhelmed. It can be easy to fall into negative patterns of behavior during this period of time, as the stresses associated with the end of a marriage mount and the list of divorce "to do" items grows. When facing this scenario, it can be helpful to imagine oneself in the role of superhero, and to consider how one's favorite crime fighter or masked marvel would react or respond.

Is divorce the right choice to make?

The decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. That said, many Florida spouses are facing just such a decision and may be unsure how to proceed. While every marriage will experience a range of up and down times, there are certain circumstances that can lead to doubts about the future of a marriage. When the following conditions are present within a marriage, it may be time to give divorce some serious consideration.

Proposed family law bill would support collaborative divorce

For many Florida couples, the end of a marriage does not necessarily include a mix of anger, bitterness or resentment. Many spouses are simply ready to move on, and eager to complete the legalities required in order to do so. For these couples, collaboration offers a divorce approach that focuses on reaching a mutually agreeable resolution, not on waging war with one's soon-to-be ex. One state is considering family law legislation aimed at promoting collaborative divorce.

Fathers' rights cases can be emotionally draining

For many Florida men, going through a child custody battle will be one of the most emotionally trying times of their entire lives. It can be difficult to focus on the legal tasks required during a fathers' rights case, and all-too-easy to become mired in negative thought patterns focused on the past. While involved in a child custody matter, men must make an effort to put their legal needs at the forefront.

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