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December 2013 Archives

Florida divorce after 50 not as rough on finances as imagined

There are many Florida couples who divorce daily and are able to be financially stable not long after. For many older couples, though, it may be harder. We have previously discussed complex property division and alimony, but have yet to discuss financial protection. When a couple decides to divorce after 50, the result can be detrimental to one's financial stability. Of course, this fact likely won't make someone want to stay in a marriage they are unhappy in, and there are strategies one can use to be protected financially in the event of a divorce.

January may be best month for Florida divorce

New Years celebrations may be spent counting down the minutes until midnight for many Florida residents. The new year brings new beginnings and it often gets people excited thinking of all of the possibilities the new year has to offer. Aside from many New Years traditions, there is one trend that is just beginning -- divorce. It's true that many divorce lawyers claim there are many filing for divorce in January, and there may be a few reasons for it.

Florida stay at home moms considering postnuptials in family law

When a Florida couple decides to wed and make a family together, many couples may see it best for the children to be with a parent rather than in daycare. Many mothers are faced with the decision to quit their job and stay at home to tend to their family, rearing their children. If a couple decides to divorce, it may be difficult for the mother to find employment after being unemployed for so long. It is always important to be financially capable while raising children after a divorce, and this is the reason many mothers are taking their concerns to those in family law and having postnuptial agreements filed.

Should a Florida prenuptial be disputed in a divorce?

Many issues in a Florida divorce can easily be resolved and prevented if the couple had a prenuptial agreement, or talked about the situation before it ever happens. Issues regarding finances are likely the base of any prenuptial agreement, but sometimes it may not go as planned. A divorce has recently been halted as the result of both parties violating their prenuptial agreement.

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