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May 2016 Archives

Conflict, not military divorce, can impact many children

For most Florida military parents, the decision to end their marriage is not an easy choice to make. Parents worry that their kids will suffer from a fundamental change in the family's structure. In fact, many couples will remain together for many years after the union is effectively over in order to give their kids what they believe is a stable life. Research suggests, however, that conflict within a family can have a serious negative impact on kids, even more so than a military divorce.

Congress considering change to military divorce rules

When most Florida couples end their unions, any retirement savings that have been earned or accumulated by either spouse are subject to division. For some couples, negotiating that division is a significant portion of the property division process. Once the terms have been reached and the divorce made final, any retirement savings that will be divided are usually removed from one party's account and rolled over into the other's.

How a net worth estimation can help when dividing property

One of the most important aspects of any Florida divorce involves negotiating the division of marital wealth. People tend to get very emotional when money is involved, especially when the decisions that are made will have a lasting impact on their lives. Dividing property can be the most contentious part of a divorce, but it does not have to be such a burden. Spouses can make things a great deal easier by creating a net worth estimation prior to beginning those negotiations.

Progress Is Being Made To Help People Overcome Paralysis

Neural prosthetic systems have been used to help paralyzed people control wheelchairs and other external tools using their own brain activity. Now, according to a recent article from Science News, this technology is being used for the first time to allow a quadriplegic man to control his own hand.

Women often face unique divorce issues based on gender roles

America has come a long way in the struggle for gender equality, and women enjoy more rights and a higher level of equality than ever before in our nation's history. Even so, there are still persistent beliefs about how women fare during divorce, and how their interests are served throughout the divorce process. Many people still believe that women walk away from a Florida divorce in a better financial position than men. Statistics demonstrate that this is a misconception.

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