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January 2013 Archives

Support group helps grandparents who can't visit grandchildren

Family law issues often center around how often parents will be able to see their children. However, other relatives may also find that family problems prevent them from visiting children in their family. Readers in Pensacola County will be interested in this matter of family law that involves grandparents who have no contact with their grandchildren.

Same-name Florida couple seeks divorce

Even couples that seem fated to be together could face the end of a marriage if things are not working out. When two people make the decision for divorce, the ability to maintain a friendly or civil relationship can make legal proceedings easier for everyone involved. Our readers in Pensacola and Escambia counties may be interested in the curious case of the same-named couple.

Florida doctor becomes dad on National Adoption Day

The makeup of a family can be as diverse as facets on a diamond. Although traditional two-parent families obviously still exist, the number of nontraditional families is increasing, and so is the number of nontraditional adoptions. In states such as Florida, where family law allows for single-person adoption, children are finding homes and loving families, and individuals are able to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. At the most recent National Adoption Day in November, this was the case for two children and one doctor.

Sperm donor may be liable for child support payments

Laws governing the rights of sperm donors are put in place to determine who is legally responsible for the children or who has access to them. Managing donor relationships through unwritten agreements or without the assistance of a medical facility can result in complicated liability issues, making it difficult for authorities to decide if the donor father should be held accountable for child support payments.

Couple fights for children, says suicide threat was misunderstood

Child custody hearings are not just for feuding parents. A child custody hearing can take place anytime the best interests of the child may be threatened by a current custody arrangement. For one couple, this means battling authorities from the state of Florida to regain custody of their two children after the couple was accused of having made a suicide pact between them that included the children as well.

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