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In A Dispute With The Insurance Company?

Policyholders rely heavily on insurance companies in the event of a crisis. Most people do not understand their rights under the terms of their policies and frequently feel like they are at the mercy of the insurance company when they make a claim. Insurance companies are keenly aware of their customers’ lack of knowledge and are often quick to exploit it for their own benefit.

Do Not Let The Insurance Company Intimidate You — Call Us For Help!

At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, we provide comprehensive legal services to policyholders facing disputes with their insurance companies. Insurance companies wield a great deal of power, and many people are hesitant to challenge them when disputes arise. That is exactly what the insurance company wants you to do.

Don’t be afraid to fight back. As natural disasters seem to be occurring more often and with greater intensity, insurance claims for hurricane, tornado, hail, flooding, wind, fire and sinkhole damage are also increasing. When the insurance company does not pay, it may not be operating in “good faith.”

Ready To Help With Any Agent Or Insurance Dispute

Whether you have suffered because of an agent’s negligence or you feel that your claim was denied in bad faith, our insurance litigation lawyers are committed to protecting your interests. From our office in Pensacola, our attorneys represent clients throughout northern Florida in these matters.

Our firm is prepared to represent you and litigate any matter related to an insurance dispute.

Contact The Insurance Litigation Law Firm Of The Holman Law Firm

To schedule a free initial consultation please call toll free at 850-435-6909 or contact us online. We serve the following areas: PensacolaPace, Cantonment, Florida.