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Helping With Child Support Issues

In Florida, child support payments are generally determined by statutory guidelines. Both parents’ income, the number of children in the family and certain expenses, such as day care and health insurance premiums, are put through a child support calculation formula to determine the amount one parent must provide to care for his or her children. In fact, the Florida law regarding child support calculations is subject to change with each legislative session.

Let Us Explain The Current Child Support Guidelines

At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, we work with our clients to ensure child support based on the state guidelines truly fits their needs. With decades of experience, our attorneys have come to recognize that not every situation fits the “norm.”

We strive to help our clients secure a child support order that adequately and accurately meets their specific circumstances. Having a special needs child might require deviating from the support guidelines. Also, if a spouse becomes “conveniently” unemployed so as to avoid paying child or spousal support, a modification might be required. In such situations, a judge can order the spouse to pay support at a level calculated under a previous higher income level.

To discuss your child support needs, please call us at toll free at 850-435-6909 for a free initial consultation. We also encourage you to take a look at our Child Support FAQ page for answers to common questions.

Is It Possible To Modify Child Support Payments?

Modification of an existing child support order is possible if a significant change in circumstances has occurred. By way of example, the court may grant a change to child support if a parent has lost a job, experienced significant economic gain, is spending a different amount of time with his or her child, or a child has new financial needs.

When a parent is required to move because of his or her job, or loses a job, the court is very likely to modify the order to accommodate both parents’ situations.

Whether you wish to petition the courts for a modification of child support or want to take a stand against a possible change, contact our law firm online or call us at toll free at 850-435-6909 for a free consultation with our lawyer. We serve the following areas: Pensacola, Pace, Cantonment, Florida.