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November 2015 Archives

International child custody cases can become very complex

An American father is facing a complex child custody fight after his former wife removed their young son from the country and took him back to the nation of her birth. The father has only had limited access to his son since the mother took the child to a family wedding in 2013, and he is asking that the child be returned under the provisions of the Hague Convention. As he continues his international child custody fight, he may face an uphill battle. Many Florida parents have endured similar struggles. 

Happy marriages are not immune from divorce

One of the most difficult things that any Florida spouse can go through is the sudden announcement from his or her partner that their marriage is over. While most people assume that divorce is the result of a long period of marital unrest, the truth is that many divorces contain one spouse who is deeply unhappy, and another who is utterly clueless that the marriage was in trouble. In such cases, the spouse who is blindsided by the news is also at a distinct legal disadvantage.

The dangers of allowing anger to color your divorce

Ending a marriage is a stressful process, even in cases in which both spouses agree that heading separate ways is the best course of action. For many Florida couples, anger will be the predominant emotion during the divorce process. While a degree of anger can be a healthy thing, too much can have a negative effect on the entire process. It is imperative for spouses to learn how to recognize, limit and manage their anger during this important period of time.

Prenuptial agreements are often challenged in court

High asset couples in Florida and elsewhere usually make use of a prenuptial agreement. This marital contract serves to protect the interests of both parties, and can greatly expedite the property division portion of a divorce. That said, many spouses who do end up pursuing a divorce will make an effort to challenge their prenuptial agreements in court, with varying degrees of success.

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