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Can I appeal my divorce?

When people think of appeals, it’s usually in the context of a criminal matter, such as the appeal of a criminal conviction. However, appeals are also available in civil cases, such as divorce. The trial court’s role in a divorce Florida law permits a divorce to be...

How does mediation help a divorcing couple?

Divorce is an almost universally-feared legal process. Those Floridians who have not experienced the process think that it is a never-ending argument with their estranged spouse. Couples with children often try to use the children as bargaining chips to force the...

The different types of alimony in Florida

When a Florida couple decides to get divorced, they often wonder if alimony is going to be part of the divorce settlement. There are a few factors in which a person would receive alimony. These include if one spouse needs alimony after a divorce and if the other...

Escaping from a Florida prenuptial agreement

Most Floridians who are contemplating a second or third (or more) marriage will most likely think about whether to ask the other party to the marriage to sign a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements (or “prenups” as they are sometimes called) are very helpful in...


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