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How is marital property divided in a divorce?

People in Florida own various types of property and as they progress through life it is natural to own more and more property. This is true for married couples as well. During a marriage, couples may buy homes together, have bank accounts, retirement accounts,...

After a divorce, men most likely to move to Florida

It seems that our state, for better or worse, is all over the news lately. But, we are no stranger to the news cycle as we live in one of the most beautiful and most touristed areas in the country and, perhaps, the world. However, a recent study showed that Florida is...

What will a divorce do to your finances and assets?

Many people who are getting ready to go through a divorce in Florida have one overriding concern: how will your finances and assets be impacted by the legal process? The ultimate answer to this question could impact your post-divorce life for years to come. Property...

Are there ways to make a divorce less contentious?

The divorce process can be incredibly draining, contentious and traumatic. Though, it does not have to be. If a couple can set aside their emotions and work towards a mutually agreeable solution to their dissolution of their marriage, mediation can be a good option....

One last step before you divorce

This year’s isolation and stress have been difficult, and many couples began taking steps to end their marriages. Before you begin investing time, money and effort in seeking a divorce, however, you can plan what happens by entering a postnuptial agreement. This will...

Checking the status of alimony in Florida

Alimony has been a popular topic for Florida’s legislature over the last few sessions. Hardly a session expires without alimony and alimony reform being the subject of extensive comment by various legislators. And yet no comprehensive reform legislation has attractive...


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