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The challenges of divorce in the military

Servicemembers who are married and have families face unique challenges when it comes to divorce. During marriage, the frequent or extended deployments of active-duty members create upheavals in family life both while they are away and when they return home. When...

How serious are low-impact low-speed accidents?

You may have witnessed a highway car accident and thought to yourself how that type of accident cannot top any other accident. But what if we told you that even the smallest low-impact, low-speed accidents can do about the same damage or even worse? Even in situations...

What will a divorce do to your finances and assets?

Many people who are getting ready to go through a divorce in Florida have one overriding concern: how will your finances and assets be impacted by the legal process? The ultimate answer to this question could impact your post-divorce life for years to come. Property...

Are there ways to make a divorce less contentious?

The divorce process can be incredibly draining, contentious and traumatic. Though, it does not have to be. If a couple can set aside their emotions and work towards a mutually agreeable solution to their dissolution of their marriage, mediation can be a good option....


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