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Protecting Everything You Have Earned

How can you keep what is rightfully yours, when going through a divorce? Are you worried that everything will be divided right down the middle without regard to where it came from in the first place? Do you have to split assets that you inherited or came from a family business?

What happens when your spouse is hiding, transferring or wasting assets— the “half” to which you might be entitled, becomes zero. We will not let this happen to you! Call us at toll free at 850-435-6909 if you suspect your spouse may be illegally transferring assets.

Don’t Leave Money On The Table Or Give Away Your Family’s Legacy

Many spouses inherited a second family home, a family business or are the beneficiaries of trust funds. Others, may have given up a lucrative career or postponed additional education to raise children or take care of aging parents or in-laws. It is also very common for professional couples to be in business together or own a practice together.

Generally, when couples in these types of marriages divorce, the attorney will hire experts to support your case. Your spouse will probably disagree with you on the value of certain assets or that they are even a part of your marital estate. He or she may also have been hiding income for months or years in anticipation of a divorce.

It is important that your lawyer understands when to hire an expert to document the value of an asset, future income stream and the location of all marital assets. Here are some examples of why we use experts:

  • Reputation management. If you are a prominent professional or business owner, you cannot afford to have your reputation smeared in the media by an angry or vindictive spouse. Additionally, you do not want your children and other family members to have to suffer the embarrassment of such accusations. We can ask the court to seal your file for a certain period of time or to sanction the spouse spreading rumors. A publicist can put out press releases and use social media to counter negative publicity.
  • Asset discovery. It is fairly common that one spouse will begin to move assets around, open new bank accounts or investment accounts or purchase property in his or her name only. Whether the spouse genuinely believes that he or she owns all of the assets or is intentionally hiding money in off-shore accounts is irrelevant. But it is easier than ever to do and was historically difficult to trace. However, as money-hiding schemes become more sophisticated, so do the investigative skills of our experts. A forensic accountant specializes in tracing assets and income sources. Locating and documenting assets and income is an essential part of dividing a marital estate in divorce.
  • Asset valuation. Determining what a house, a business or intellectual property is worth might seem like a fairly straightforward process. Many inexperienced lawyers lose a lot of money for their clients by failing to properly value the couple’s assets. Experts take many factors into account when determining asset value, especially when it has the potential to deliver significant financial returns in the future. Experts will also consider the effect of taxes on income produced and how it can decrease the value and your equitable share of the estate.

Trust Us To Protect Your Financial Interests

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