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November 2014 Archives

Florida men can seek alimony in divorce

Divorce is often a difficult process for the two individuals that are separating, both emotionally and financially. The process of divorce is generally not a short process, and some cases can stretch on for months as the fine points are decided. One of the fine points that is most regularly argued is alimony because, without it, many spouses are financially strained after divorce. However, for many Florida cases, if the strained individual is a man, alimony may not be awarded.

Divorce can be hard for Florida residents during holidays

Divorce is never an easy process for those involved, but around the holidays, a separation can be even more difficult in Florida. Unfortunately, an especially difficult divorce at this time of year can have an emotional impact on those involved for years after the marriage is over. However, navigating the maze-like divorce process can become easier when the right support system is in place; this includes encouraging family and friends as well as qualified legal counsel.

Financial affidavit could be crucial in Florida divorce

Divorce is often a difficult process for those involved, and can be especially troubling in regards to finances. An individual often thinks that his or her finances should be private, but, in a divorce, this information is necessary to make sure that the division of assets and liabilities is as fair as possible. Hopefully, if Florida residents have this information ready before it is requested, it could ease the process for everyone involved.

Divorce Hotel may not work for all Florida residents

Divorce is generally a long process from start to finish and can be emotionally and financially straining for everyone involved. If the divorce does not go as smoothly as expected those involved can be left with emotional pain that takes years to fully heal. However, one program that has recently started in the United States wishes to speed up the process immensely and, hopefully, help many people, including Florida residents, have a less stressful divorce.

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