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February 2016 Archives

State seeks to impose oversight on family law matter

A piece of legislation has been presented to one state that would impose state oversight on the transfer of child custody from one party to another. The matter has received widespread media coverage, and the practice of private custody transfers has been termed "re-homing," after the process by which pet owners find new homes for animals that they have adopted but no longer wish to care for. Readers in Florida and elsewhere will continue to follow the family law matter, as states debate how to address this growing problem.

Be aware of these tax changes that follow a divorce

As Florida residents prepare to complete their divorce, taxes might be the last thing on their minds. It is important, however, to understand the tax changes that will come once one transitions from married to single. Whether positive or negative, these changes will impact the years that follow a divorce and require careful planning.

Medical marijuana at center of CPS child custody case

As our nation continues to adapt to changing views on marijuana use, Florida and other states struggle with how to balance the rights of adults with the obligation to protect the safety of children. In some instances, parents can lose their child custody rights when marijuana use is an issue. This is true of recreational use, and is also true for those who use marijuana for medical purposes.

Divorce is a time to focus on future financial goals

The end of a marriage can be a hectic time with a number of pressing obligations and a seemingly never-ending list of items on a Florida spouse's to-do list. It is important to make time to review one's financial goals during this time as they will differ now that the marital partnership is ending. Having a clear idea of where one would like to be after a divorce makes it far easier to map out a path to reach that destination.

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