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How We Protect Father’s Rights in Florida

When a child is born to a set of married parents both those parents have equal parental rights, obligations and responsibilities. So why should that change if a couple decides to divorce? If a child is born to unmarried parents the responsibility is still assumed to...

Divorce Advice for Men

Getting a divorce is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary for both parties to move on to ensure they are as happy as possible. While divorce might not be easy, it doesn’t have to be messy or hard. Here are some tips for men who are in the process of a divorce,...

Options for dividing the family home in a divorce

When a married couple buys a home, they may envision living together in it for years or decades to come. Unfortunately, not every marriage is meant to last meaning homeowners in the Pensacola area facing divorce will have to decide what to do with what may be one of...


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