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How prevalent are concussions in youth sports?

If your child plays sports, you likely expect some injuries to occur. Sports can be rough, from the intense physical activity to the high contact with other players, so getting hurt is no surprise. It may seem like something that just comes with being an athlete.

However, some injuries have worse consequences than others. One that has taken the spotlight in recent years is concussions, especially in youth sports. Are they really as common and as serious as the media portrays them to be?

Why joint custody may be your best choice

It goes without saying that when you and your spouse obtain a Florida divorce, the welfare of your children should be the primary concern of each of you. Divorce has a very negative impact on kids of all ages because it not only destabilizes their home, it also often causes them to erroneously assume that something they said or did caused their parents to break up. They also sometimes fear that one or both of their parents do not love them anymore, particularly the parent who often becomes the stereotypical “Disney World dad” – or mom – who they only “visit” every other weekend.

To make your upcoming divorce as easy as possible on your kids, including their post-divorce lives, you and your spouse may wish to consider joint custody. Joint custody represents the custody arrangement of choice for judges, divorce attorneys, legislators and child psychologists across the nation, as well as for parents themselves.

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