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February 2013 Archives

Pressure from military divorcees to end lifetime alimony rules

Supporting a former spouse after the end of a marriage is a very common scenario among recent divorcees. Family law has statutes that dictate a fair amount of alimony that a former spouse can receive after a divorce. However, different states, and certain military positions, may have existing laws that can cause some contention among recent military divorcees.

Florida cities grant some more rights to domestic partners

Family law covers issues such as divorce, child support, child custody and alimony. Family law issues also include the rights of unmarried couples. More of these rights are now being granted by some cities in Florida on a limited basis, so the following story on family law may be of interest to readers in Pensacola.

Judge chastises prosecutors for child support actions

When a child support judgment is ordered, not following it can lead to problems such as wage garnishment, driver's license suspension and even jail. In Pensacola, if a parent is found to be in arrears of child support, it can also lead to the loss of the delinquent parent's passport. This is why it is important for any parent who is falling behind on child support payments to learn about the legal ramifications and, if possible, seek a child support modification to stave off any possible penalties.

Liberty Ross divorcing Rupert Sanders after cheating scandal

Even amicable divorces can engender a myriad of emotions from the couples involved in them. When the end of a marriage involves allegations of infidelity, however, the financial and emotional stakes can be even higher. A divorce in which either party is angry with the other can lead to a courtroom battle.

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