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January 2014 Archives

Sperm donor case could affect Florida child support cases

Florida residents have likely heard of the case involving a sperm donor and a child support dispute. The dispute began when a sperm donor helped a lesbian couple have a baby. Months later, the two women asked the man for child support. This case has interested the entire nation as people are concerned about this ruling affecting child custody and support disputes in other states.

Postnups can offer financial security for divorce in Florida

A prenuptial agreement is a popular document used by many couples before entering into a marriage. Postnups are also getting increased popularity for Florida spouses who got married before having a pre-marital agreement. A postnuptial agreement can protect spouses' financial interests in the event of a divorce.

Being nice to a Florida judge in a divorce is recommended

Any couple divorcing in Florida will see a judge during litigation of their divorce. Many couples may forget that the judge plays a huge role in how life will be after divorce. Judges are the ones who order visitation and custody agreements, in addition to determining child support payments and other items that can play a huge role in life after one's divorce. There are strategies that appear successful for many couples to use while in the presence of the judge, which may benefit a person in the end on a positive note.

Preparation for a Florida divorce can make it go smoother

Starting the divorce process at the beginning of the year can be exciting for some. There is much to look forward to after one gets out of an unhappy marriage. Before one heads to a Florida divorce court, there may be a few things to get together to ease the process.

Football star arrested for lack of child support payments

We have previously discussed the backlash that can follow noncompliance of a Florida child support order. These types of orders are set in the court of law by a judge, and not following them can and will have serious legal repercussions. The judicial system takes notice of noncompliance seriously -- even if a parent is famous. A well-known football player was just recently arrested for noncompliance of his child support order.

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