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June 2016 Archives

Court rules that divorce cannot be grounds for termination

Going through the dissolution of a marriage can be a difficult time. For many spouses, fears about their financial stability, child custody matters and other issues can create a significant burden of stress. Few Florida residents, however, fear losing their job based on the fact that they are going through a divorce. That issue was recently addressed by one state's Supreme Court, and the resulting ruling could provide a sense of relief to some Florida workers.

Establishing parental rights as an unwed father

Plenty of children are born every year in Florida to parents who are not married. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. For fathers, though, it is important to take certain steps to establish parental rights.

How information can make it easier to navigate divorce issues

Moving from married to single is a process, one that has a distinct beginning, middle and end. While it can feel as though this process is never-ending, most divorce cases will eventually reach a conclusion. Florida spouses have a great deal of control over how that process will go and should take a proactive role in partnering with their attorney to handle various divorce issues as they arise.

Child custody case leads to outrage among many

An unusual and controversial custody battle has resulted in a  win for one mother who has been fighting with the state to regain custody of her daughter. The child custody case centers on a teenage girl with severe medical and behavioral problems that require professional care. Her mother adopted her at the age of five, and was fully aware of her special needs. In fact, those needs were the very reason behind the woman's desire to provide the child with a loving home, which is also the case for some Florida families who have opened their hearts and homes to special needs children.

Dividing property: Options for the family home

The family home has both sentimental and financial value. For many couples in Florida, it is their largest shared asset. They likely invest a great deal of money into their home and, in many cases, time and effort spent on its upkeep. When couples are dividing property during the divorce process, they must decide how to handle splitting the couple's interest in the house.

What Governor Scott's Veto Of Bill SB 668 Means For Family Law

A recent piece of legislation calling for dramatic changes to Florida alimony and child custody rules was recently shut down by Governor Rick Scott, despite having passed the Senate and the House. So where does that leave Florida residents going through a divorce or child custody dispute?

Planning ahead for summertime child custody battles

For many divorced parents, summer break is a time filled with contention and strife. Arguments about how to schedule activities around the existing child custody arrangement can define the entire summer, making things harder for both parents and children. There are ways that Florida parents can work to reduce this tension and enjoy what should be weeks of fun, relaxation and family bonding.

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