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When Can a Parent Take a Child Out of State?

If you are going through a divorce that involves children, it's important to be aware of the laws involved. You may have relocated due to your spouse's job and are now looking to move back home closer towards family to get your new life back on track. However, if this...

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During a Divorce

While social media is great for connecting with friends and family, some issues shouldn't be posted for Facebook friends to see. Social media is a part of most people's everyday life, but it doesn't mean you should post everything about your life or what you may be...

What is Parental Alienation?

During a divorce, there are many cases where one parent hates their spouse more than they love their child or children. When something like this happens, issues like parental alienation occur. Parental alienation is a consistent set of behaviors that work to drive a...

How to Avoid an 18-Wheeler Accident

While 18-wheelers are great for moving food and other goods across the country, they also have a high record of being involved in accidents. Due to their size and the force of impact they can cause, serious injuries and loss of life are common in 18-wheeler accidents....

Why joint custody may be your best choice

It goes without saying that when you and your spouse obtain a Florida divorce, the welfare of your children should be the primary concern of each of you. Divorce has a very negative impact on kids of all ages because it not only destabilizes their home, it also often...

Who is Responsible When Pool Accidents Happen

Unfortunately, children pass away due to accidental drownings every year. If you are considering building a swimming pool at your Pensacola home, you should become aware of the risks associated with ownership. In some cases, owning a swimming pool could be the largest...

What to do if your neighbor’s dog bites you

Dog bites can cause serious injuries to their victims. When a dog bite occurs in Pensacola, Florida victims may be entitled to monetary compensation under one or more Florida laws. Just like all personal injury cases, time is of the essence. If you or someone you know...

The Benefits of Having a Prenuptial Agreement

Wedding season in Pensacola is among us and while this is a season full of love and happiness, some couples may be faced with the not-so-happy topic of a prenuptial agreement. If your partner brings up signing a prenuptial agreement, don't think it is because they...


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