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Divorce and business interests: Who gets what?

Divorce can be complicated for Florida residents, especially if the divorcing parties are co-owners of a business. Although some divorcing couples may want to retain ownership and continue to run businesses together after the divorce is final, many couples choose to...

Life insurance in a divorce can be complicated

In Florida, there are many different things that are a part of the divorce agreement beyond just custody and property division. One key area that people need to consider is life insurance. Instead of using a standard approach that many use, parties to a divorce should...

Consider the costs before going to trial

When going through a divorce in Pensacola, FL, couples are faced with numerous choices throughout the process. One of the biggest choices is whether to work toward a divorce settlement or to go through with a trial. Before making the decision, people need to be aware...

Child Custody Rights in Florida

Divorce can be a brutal experience for some couples, but having children involved can mean that they often take the brunt of the blow. While mom and dad will adjust to living apart once again, the children must often get used to having two homes, in many cases, on top...

Five Common Signs of Nursing Home Negligence

When we hear the terms abuse and neglect, many of our minds go straight to children and women. While both of these populations deserves and are in need of protective services, there is one group of people in particular that seems to often be forgotten: the aging...

How Even a Low-Speed Accident Can Be Serious

Nothing is more painful than not being able to show how much you hurt physically and, even worse, having to prove it. Not every injury gets a splint or a cast. Some pain you have to live with. If you have experienced a low-speed accident and were left with not a...

What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

Marriage is a huge milestone for couples all over the world. It is the union of two people who will move on to hopefully live the rest of their lives together. Although marriage is a cause for celebration, it is also very time consuming due to the huge amount of...


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