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May 2015 Archives

Jon Gosselin seeks child custody of one of eight children

Many Florida readers are familiar with the names Jon and Kate Gosselin, who are featured on the reality television show "Kate Plus 8," formerly known as "Jon and Kate Plus 8." The show focuses on the family's life raising a set of sexuplets, a pair of twins and an older daughter. While the parents divorced some time back, the mother and children are still filming episodes of the show. The father of the children is now seeking child custody of the older child, claiming that she is being mistreated in the care of her mother.

Tips for addressing the family home during property division

The end of a marriage can be a difficult time in the lives of many Florida residents. Coming to terms with the fact that one's trajectory is about to change can be stressful, and the emotional reaction that many spouses have is to hold on tight to those things that seem stable. For some, retaining the family home becomes a focus within the divorce, to the exclusion of all other things. While it is understandable to want to remain living within one's home, keeping the house is often not the best possible property division move.

Could parents lose child custody over "unschooling?"

Florida readers may be aware of a controversial custody fight between a family of 12 and authorities in their state of residence. The state has removed 10 minor children from the care of their parents after a complaint was filed with child protective services. The family believes that the basis for the complaint and resulting child custody battle was the family's choice to allow their children to be educated in an "unschooling" environment.

Mother denied child custody in bitter case

When a romantic relationship ends, the former partners are often left with hurt feelings and, in some cases, bitterness. As a result, some who have children together often have a hard time agreeing on what is in the best interest of their children. In a case such as this, a Florida family court may have to step in a make a determination. An out-of-state judge recently made a child custody ruling in a contentious case involving three children.

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