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Month: September 2015

Sealing records within a Florida divorce

In recent months, a number of celebrities and other high profile couples have taken steps to have their divorce records sealed from public view. This means that the media has had no access to those records, which has kept details of the high profile divorce case out...

When dividing property, avoid the urge to rush

One of the most challenging aspects of any divorce is the property division process. A great many spouses in Florida and across the nation hate negotiations, whether they are buying a car, negotiating a business deal or working out the details of their divorce. That...

Wives may be more likely to file for divorce

A recent study took a look at marriage and divorce among heterosexual Americans and found that when a marriage is faltering, wives are more likely to file for divorce than husbands. Researchers looked at data collected from more than 2,000 adults who were either...


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