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Creating Prenuptial, Postnuptial And Marital Settlement Agreements

The terms “premarital” and “prenuptial” have taken on an undeserved negative connotation in today’s society. For many people, it brings to mind images of “gold diggers” — individuals who only marry for money and eagerly anticipate a divorce. In reality, a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement is simply a legal document that protects both spouses and their premarital property should their marriage come to an end.

At the law firm of The Holman Law Firm, we believe a prenuptial agreement is important for every couple planning to get married. Although neither spouse wants to believe the marriage will end, having a prenuptial agreement in place can protect assets, simplify the divorce process and reduce costs for both parties in the event that either party seeks to dissolve the marriage.

To discuss how a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may apply to your situation, please call us at 850-435-6909 or toll free at 850-435-6909. We offer a free initial consultation.

Who Needs A Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement?

While we believe a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be beneficial in any marital situation, it may be particularly advisable to establish a prenuptial agreement if your situation falls into any of the following categories:

  • You are marrying for the first time later in life or entering into a second or subsequent marriage.
  • One spouse or the other has adult children and wishes to protect the inheritance of his or her children.
  • There is a significant difference in the income or accumulated wealth of the parties.

If you choose to establish a prenuptial agreement, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience preparing documents that protect clients’ interests and can be enforced when necessary. The Pensacola prenuptial agreement lawyers at our firm know how to draft prenuptial agreements that stand the test of time, thereby paving the way for less contentious divorce proceedings.

Understanding Marital Settlement Agreements

A marital settlement agreement is a document that is used to put into writing all of the decisions regarding such issues as custody, support and property division. Once the court has approved the agreement, it becomes a binding order on both spouses. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in the negotiation, drafting and review of marital settlement agreements.

Experienced Florida Prenuptial Or Postnuptial Agreement Lawyer

To schedule a free initial consultation about your prenuptial, postnuptial, or marital settlement agreement questions, call 850-435-6909 or toll free at 850-435-6909 or contact us online. We serve the following areas: Pensacola, Pace, Cantonment, Florida.