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Steps to Take After Being Injured at Work

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Blog |

If you’ve been injured at work, there are a very specific set of steps you will want to take to ensure that you are covered by workers’ compensation. There are deadlines on workers’ compensation claims and you won’t want to waste any time and risk having your claim denied. 

Step One: Report the Accident and Injury

The first thing you will want to do is report the accident and any subsequent injuries to your employer immediately. If you do not report the injury within a timely manner you will risk your claim being denied, potentially experience delays in your insurance and possibly have your benefits denied. If you are not sure how to report an injury, your direct supervisor or someone from your company’s human resources department should be able to assist you. 

Step Two: Get Medical Attention 

Not all workplace injuries require a trip to the emergency room, but you should be checked out by a medical professional. Failing to seek medical attention could have a negative impact on both your health and your workers’ compensation claim. 

Step Three: Follow Through with Paperwork and Filing the Claim

You will want to make sure that all the proper paperwork is filed with properly documented information. Your employer should be handling some of this, but if you are having issues with your employer an attorney can help you make sure everything is done properly. Some things to keep close track of are dates of missed work and expenses incurred by the injury

Step Four: Hire an Attorney for Your Claim

Workplace injuries and workers’ compensation claims can be a huge hassle. Not only are you hurt, out of work and dealing with doctors and medical expenses but now you’re dealing with paperwork and legal issues. It is best to have an attorney who can make sure that your claim is handled correctly and that you are compensated for lost wages, medical bills and any other expenses that may occur due to your injury. If you’re denied by your employer, or end up in a legal dispute, having an attorney will ensure that you receive the best outcome and have someone to turn to.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident, do not hesitate to call Holam Law Firm at our office today! Our experienced attorneys are ready and waiting to help you with your claim.


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