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Do I have a Workers’ Compensation Case?

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Blog |

If you’ve ever been employed then chances are you have heard the term workers’ compensation a time or two. Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp, is insurance that provides medical and wage benefits to individuals who become ill at work or are injured while on the job. This could provide coverage for medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs. In addition, workers’ compensation also pays death benefits to families of employees who are killed on the job. The amount of coverage for medical benefits and wages you can be eligible to receive varies state by state. 


Who Carries Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

In the United States, all states (with a very small number of exceptions) require businesses with employees who are not owners to purchase workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. If a business fails to have this type of coverage, they could face serious repercussions. This could include paying claims out of pocket, fines and possibly imprisonment.


Do I Have a Workers Compensation Case?

Every workers’ compensation case is different. You may be curious as to whether or not it’s even worth your time or energy. As an employee you have a right to receive workers’ compensation if you are injured on the job. You will need to be thorough on the information you submit and make sure all of the knitty gritty details are covered. This can be a pretty intimidating process, so we highly suggest consulting with an experienced professional at the Holman Law Firm to ensure you get the coverage you deserve. 


Are You an Employee?

Not everyone who works for a company is an employee. Some businesses hire freelancers, consultants or members to fill certain roles. In order to be eligible for workers’ comp, you must be an employee. 


Is Your Injury or Illness Work Related?

If you were doing something for your employer and became injured or ill due to the task, then that is a work related injury. For example, if you became ill due to being around hazardous chemicals that are on your job site then that is a work related illness. However, if you were injured during your lunch break or while at a company event, it may be a little more difficult to prove your workers’ compensation case.

If you are on the fence about whether or not you’re eligible for workers’ compensation then reach out to one of our experienced attorneys at the Holman Law Firm. Our highly experienced team has the knowledge and resources needed to help you decide what the right path is for your case. Holman Law Firm is committed to providing the best legal service in Pensacola, Destin, Pace and Cantonment, FL in a variety of legal areas including Family Law and Personal Injury. We specialize in Fathers’ Rights and will be there every step of the way to fight for your rights. Contact us now for a free consultation at our office or go online at www.holmanfirm.com.


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