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Year: 2021

Opposing a Divorce – Do both parties have to agree?

According to recent studies, somewhere between 40 and 50% of current marriages will end in divorce. This begs the question: do both parties always agree that ending a marriage is the right thing to do? Do all parties have to agree? Under Florida law, a spouse who does...

Can a Child Choose Which Parent They Want to Live With?

The decision to follow through with a divorce between parents is never reliant on a child, but unfortunately for most children, the divorce alone can certainly affect that child negatively. With divorce comes a lot of changes the child may not be used to. The child...

Do I Need an Attorney for a Divorce?

Getting divorced can be extremely overwhelming, and you might feel like you have no idea where to start. The first thing on your checklist should be to hire an attorney. Some people think they don’t need an attorney when they get divorced because their split is...

How does mediation help a divorcing couple?

Divorce is an almost universally-feared legal process. Those Floridians who have not experienced the process think that it is a never-ending argument with their estranged spouse. Couples with children often try to use the children as bargaining chips to force the...

Do I Really Need to Hire a Divorce Attorney?

Going through a divorce is not fun for anyone. There are a lot of very personal feelings involved and both parties stand to deal with feelings of pain, anger, resentment and frustration. Sometimes, divorces happen where neither party feels negatively towards the...


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