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Do I Need an Attorney for a Divorce?

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Blog |

Getting divorced can be extremely overwhelming, and you might feel like you have no idea where to start. The first thing on your checklist should be to hire an attorney. Some people think they don’t need an attorney when they get divorced because their split is happening amicably. No matter how you think your divorce will go, however, you need an attorney. Here’s why:

Things Can Get Ugly Fast
Even if your divorce seems friendly and civil now, you never know when it might take a turn. Be prepared for what could happen if things get ugly by having an attorney already on your side. When one or both parties start to feel hurt or upset, there can be a lot of petty and vindictive behavior. Having an attorney will help minimize the damage and allow you to still proceed with the divorce while having minimal contact with your significant other.

You Want to Avoid Being Taken Advantage Of
When you start to divide assets and split up your lives, it’s easy to get taken advantage of. Maybe you feel guilty about asking for a divorce, so you cave on your partner’s demands. Or maybe you just want the whole thing over with so you’re willing to agree to whatever they say. Divorce should be a fair split, and you don’t have to give up just because you don’t want to fight. Your attorney can make sure you get what you are entitled to and that everything goes smoothly in the process.

It’s What’s Best for the Children
If you have children and are discussing custody or child support during your divorce, you need an attorney on your side. Children should always come first in these matters, afterall it’s not their fault your marriage didn’t work out. During a divorce you will have a lot of feelings and emotions, but you can’t let them drive your decisions, especially when it comes to getting the best outcome possible for your kids.

It Might Save You Some Money
Hiring an attorney to help save money might feel counter intuitive, but if your spouse decides to try and take you for all you’re worth, you will be glad you have someone one your side to help you keep as much of your assets as possible. The upfront cost of an attorney will be well worth it if you’re able to come out of your divorce with your assets intact.

An Attorney is Key to Navigating the Legal System
Divorce is a lot of paperwork, red tape and legal jargon. It’s easy to feel like you’re in over your head. Having an attorney means you can focus on yourself, your kids and your new life rather than being bogged down with paperwork. An attorney will also ensure that everything is done correctly and by the book so there are no surprises later on down the road. Having an attorney will also help to speed up the process so you can move on with your life sooner.

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