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Seeking Workers’ Compensation After a Workplace Accident

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Blog |

It is in the back of many people’s minds: what will happen to me if I get hurt while on the job? It becomes a matter of whether you will be compensated or not. You deserve the right to know that your workplace accident should not be ignored and that we will work with you to help you seek justice for workers’ compensation.

Your personal injury matters

Sadly, many people experience bad encounters with their employers or insurance companies when trying to claim workers’ compensation. Being denied can be a scary situation especially if you suffered extreme injuries. We are here to tell you that your personal injury matters and your benefits should too. It is the law that you receive those benefits in the case that you are hurt. Our experienced local attorneys work hard to advise you with the best possible route following up to your case.

See what you qualify for

People sustain many different types of injuries when they are hurt on the job. But no injury is any less worthy than the next. With the help of our attorneys, you may be able to qualify for Florida’s medical benefits, payments with loss of wages and death benefits from dependents if applicable. You can also qualify to receive reimbursements for transportation to the doctor/rehab centers or for not being able to return to your previous occupancy.

Reach a settlement

The goal of workers’ compensation is to be able to reach a settlement. However, in the case that this is not possible, we will represent you in the court of law. Your settlement can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. And although compensation is only temporary, you will leave knowing that some stress will be lifted due to financial and medical burdens. Do not wait to file your claim and get the relief you have been waiting for today!

Be able to provide proper documentation

You must be able to provide proper documentation to receive workers’ compensation. We can guide you with the correct paperwork and evidence you may need such as proof and notice of injury to the employer, a certain number of days to be missed to receive benefits or proof of on-duty attendance. It is mandatory in the state of Florida for employers to receive compensation if more than five employees are working; therefore you are guaranteed to receive payments under the Worker’s Compensation Commission.

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