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Pace is a small, rural town located in Santa Rosa County in Northwest Florida. It is a suburb of Pensacola with low crime and high performing schools. Over the years, Pace has become the fastest growing communities in the county. The population has surged from 5,000 in 2000 to over 20,000 in 2010.

History of Pace

Pace was founded in the early 1900s by James G. Pace who owned lumber, paper and turpentine manufacturers in the surrounding areas. He opened Pace Mill which stayed in operation for 22 years.

Population Statistics

It goes without saying that Pace has seen quite an explosion in growth. Residents are within driving distance to the offerings of Pensacola. There is a large military presence, beach access, parks and thriving schools. All of these contribute to Pace’s success as a growing community.

Pace has a significant number of high school graduates with an average of 92%. Those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher is 30.9% and individuals with a Graduate or professional degree is 10.6%.

Pace has an unemployment rate of 3.3%.

The median age in Pace is 37. The average household income is $67,000 with the median home value at $185,000.

Marital Statistics

Never married: 21.1% Now married: 63.0%

Separated: 2.3% Widowed: 5.4%

Divorced: 8.2%


Due to the surge in growth Pace has seen over the years, the town has more retail operations open in the area. Big box stores, chain restaurants and retailers have all opened up shop in the Pace community in recent years.

Driving Times

The average commute for Pace residents is 26 minutes. Most individuals work in Pensacola and have a shorter commute due to Pace’s proximity. Interstate 10 is an option for most drivers in the area as well as I-110.

Weather Information

Pace’s climate is warm with temperatures averaging in the 90s during the summer. It sees it’s rainiest time during the summer months.

The tornado activity in Pace is just slightly above the state average in Florida. The rate is 21% higher than the United States overall average.

Due to its location to the coast, Pace is vulnerable to receiving impacts from hurricanes and tropical storms. However, storm surge is less likely of a problem with more concern placed on heavy rains, winds and flooding.

Military Information

Many military personnel, civilians and their families call Pace home. Naval Air Station Whiting Field is located just steps away northeast of Pace. Naval Air Station Pensacola is just 30 miles southwest of Pace.

Annual Events in Pace

With Pace’s small-town feel, the city has many community-based events throughout the year. The annual Christmas parade is a fun time for locals to catch throws and hear music from local high school bands.

Stonebrook Golf Club is home is annual golf tournaments including the Tom Stewart Annual Golf Classic and the Cokesbury Charity Golf Tournament.

Most residents of the community venture to Pensacola for some of the city’s best attractions including the Blue Angel show in July, the Foo Foo Festival, and the Flora-Bama’s Interstate Mullet Toss in April.