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Common Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Blog |

You see it all the time on the highway: truck accidents. You might begin to believe all truck drivers are sleep deprived or that any slight change in bad weather is the cause. But what are some probable damages the body endures that is caused by these unfortunate mishaps? Rather than commercial or truck freight, these heavy loading vehicles bare serious harm.  We compiled a list of common injuries by truck accidents for you below.


No matter how intense the truck accident may have been, a concussion can occur without one even noticing it. It can start off as a headache or even slight confusion afterward. There are many other symptoms that come with concussions but we strongly urge you to get checked out after your accident even if there are no signs of physical harm.

Neck and Spinal Injuries

Whiplash is a common injury from auto accidents that can cause neck and spinal injuries/stiffness. A high-speed impact contributes to the whiplash motion making it hard to identify the symptoms of neck/spinal pain until later on. A slipped disc in the spine can also occur making it more serious and painful than a whiplash. Therefore, if these injuries are not healed properly, paralysis is possible. Neck fractures are also a common injury due to a truck accident.

Chronic Back Pain

Consider a truck accident an open invitation for chronic back pain. That is, a back trauma that can feel intense due to a truck’s heavy impact. Having an accident that occurred years or weeks ago affects many people physically to this day because of constant muscle strain or disc pain. Getting the relief one needs can be especially challenging if lower back pain is involved as well.

Fatal injuries

Fatal injuries caused in the brain or chest become life-threatening situations. If your automobile rolls over, overbearing material strikes due to heavy unsecured cargo or you simply collide with a truck, the injuries can be deadly. These can also occur with the common head-on or even read-end collisions during a truck accident.

Sometimes getting personal relief from a truck accident may not be enough. Know your rights when it comes to personal and serious injury and let us help you today. We are determined to help you seek justice on claims made by truck accidents.

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