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Job-related changes and child support obligations

On Behalf of | May 10, 2024 | Divorce |

Child support obligations are based on the income of both parents and their ability to financially support their child. When a parent experiences job-related changes, such as a new job, a promotion or a job loss, it can have a significant impact on their child support obligations.

It is important for parents who owe and receive child support to review how job-related changes can affect a support order.

Increases and decreases in income

If a parent gets a new job with a higher income, they may have to pay more in child support to ensure that the child’s financial needs are adequately met. Conversely, if a parent experiences a job loss or a decrease in income, they may be eligible to request a modification of the child support order to reflect their current financial situation. According to the Florida Department of Revenue, courts may modify a child support order as a result of substantial changes. If the most recent child support order review occurred less than three years ago, this refers to changes that would cause the order to increase or decrease by at least $50 and no less than 15%.

A promotion or increase in work hours may also impact child support obligations. If a parent’s income significantly increases due to a promotion or working additional hours, they may have to pay more in child support. On the other hand, a decrease in work hours or a change in employment status may result in a decrease in income. This could warrant a modification of the child support order to ensure that the paying parent can still meet their financial obligations towards their child.

Reporting changes

It is important to notify the court or the child support agency as soon as possible if there is a change in income to avoid falling behind on child support payments. Failure to report changes in income or employment status may result in legal consequences. Furthermore, it can impact the well-being of the child. Reporting substantial changes in one’s financial situation can ensure that the child support order is adjusted accordingly.

By staying informed and proactive, parents can navigate job-related changes effectively and fulfill their child support responsibilities towards their child.


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