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When might it benefit you to have a divorce financial advisor?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Blog, Divorce |

When a Florida marriage ends, many people find themselves reassessing their financial situations and trying to figure out what life might look like without their former partner’s financial support.  If you count yourself among them, you may be looking for ways to set yourself up for financial security after your split.

Per U.S. News and World Reports, one person that may be able to help you do this is a divorce financial advisor. Like any financial advisor, a divorce financial advisor helps you outline and achieve long-term financial goals while minimizing risks at the same time. However, a divorce financial advisor may have additional training in certain divorce-related areas. More specifically, it may benefit you to add one to your divorce team if any of the following is true.

You worry about retirement

Your retirement picture may look quite a bit different after a divorce. A divorce financial advisor may be able to help you prioritize socking enough money away for retirement or otherwise come up with ways to help maximize your retirement income.

You think your spouse is hiding assets

Another reason you may want to consider hiring a divorce financial advisor is if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets ahead of your split. Nowadays, there are many ways in which to do so, both online and otherwise. Divorce financial advisors may know where t look for these “hidden” income streams, helping ensure you get your fair share.

A divorce financial advisor may also prove helpful in your divorce if you need to set a new budget or anticipate tax implications of the divorce, among other possible ways this type of professional may help you.


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