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What can you do to help your children cope with divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Divorce, Divorce, Family Law, Family Law |

Divorce is a traumatic experience for most children. Even if you know that their lives will improve following the divorce, your kids need time to cope with the loss of the household and family dynamic that they know best. The hardships associated with divorce do not have to last forever. Understanding how your children feel and how to help them through the difficult time can alleviate some of their stress and anxiety.

Supporting your kids following a divorce can help them acclimate to their new lives.

Let your kids talk about their feelings

Do not encourage your kids to remain quiet about how they feel about the divorce. Let them be honest with you even if their thoughts and feelings make you uncomfortable. Acknowledge how they feel and remind them that they do not have any fault in your decision to split with your former spouse. Additionally, remind them that they have valid feelings. Depression, resentment and anxiety are normal feelings that will fade.

Continue to parent as partners

You and your former spouse do not have to have a romantic relationship to be co-parents. While many divorced couples struggle to interact after a divorce, you need to put forth as much effort as possible. When your kids see that you and your ex cannot work together, they may feel they have to take sides or stand in the middle of an argument.

While you should reassure your kids, you should also stay honest with them. Let them know that the changes coming up are permanent changes and help them prepare for them.


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