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How do I qualify for a child support modification in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Child Support |

Life has thrown a curveball at you and a child support order that had been working well suddenly is no longer feasible. When this happens, you may want to pursue a child support review and modification. Note that either parent can pursue a child support review and modification.

What qualifies you for a child support review?

You can qualify for a review of your child support order in the following circumstances. First, your current support does not end within six months. Second, either your current support order must not have been modified or reviewed in the last three years or you can show there has been a significant change in circumstances warranting a child support review.

What is a change in circumstances?

If you are the parent pursuing a modification of your child support order, you bear the burden of showing there has been a change in circumstances. Such changes must be substantial, permanent and involuntary.

  • A substantial change is one that would modify the amount paid in child support by at least 15% but not less than $50.
  • A permanent change is generally one that lasts at least six months and is neither temporary nor short-term.
  • An involuntary change is one that happens through no fault of your own and is not reflective of any choices you made.

Note that a child support modification depends on the facts of each individual case. You will want to discuss any possible child support modifications with a professional. An attorney can provide you with more insight into Florida child support modification laws.

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