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How To Prepare yourself to File for Divorce

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Blog |

Divorce can be an extremely overwhelming and emotional process. Before going through the motions of making your divorce legal, you should make sure that you are in the correct headspace to deal with any court processes. Make sure you engage in self-care and do activities you truly enjoy in order to heal yourself. Once you feel as though you are ready, there are a number of things you should do in order to prepare yourself to file for your divorce.

Do Your Research

One of the most comforting things would be for you to know how the process works beforehand. You should do thorough research in order to familiarize yourself with the process. Doing this might also help you find a lawyer that is suited to meet all of your wants and needs.

Setting Aside Money

It’s no secret that divorce is an expensive process. Before you start filing, it is always wise to make sure you have a sufficient amount of money set aside. Doing this will make the financial portion of the process a lot less stressful. Talking to a financial planner might make it easier for you to find avenues to save up money for a divorce.

Gather the Necessary Documents

After all, this is a legal process, so you will be asked to present a number of identifying documents and a lot of identifying information. This typically includes your full name, social security number, salary, place of employment, employer’s contact information and proof of residence. Make sure you also gather any financial documents you need and make sure to update your insurance policies if necessary. 

Having a Support System

During your divorce, you might feel the most vulnerable you’ve ever felt in your entire life. It’s ok to feel big feelings, but more importantly, it’s ok to admit that you need help and to ask for it. You need a solid group of friends that you can rely on to support you. You may even need a therapist. Whatever it may be, it is in your best interest to get all of the help you need before legally beginning your divorce.

Your Kids

Understandably, the divorce might be hard on your kids. Make sure that you support them throughout this process and emphasize the fact that the divorce has absolutely nothing to do with them. Likewise, you will need to present identifying information about your kids in court. This includes things such as their full name, health insurance, custody agreements and information about the schools that they attend.

Taking Care of Your Physical Health

Your physical health is just as important as your mental health, and you should make sure that you take care of your physical health throughout your divorce process, as difficult as that may be. Doing things such as meditation or going for a walk or run will not only help your body feel better, but it will also help you feel better emotionally. You are providing yourself with a healthy way to release any negative emotions that you might be feeling.

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