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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Blog |

For some, a way of transportation through a car may be a necessity to get to and from places, but most motorcycle owners can agree that riding their favorite toy is an experience in and of itself. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents usually occur because of a collision with another car. That being said, it can be a scary time so to better prepare you in the case it ever happens, here is what to do after a motorcycle accident.  

Always seek medical attention

No matter how bad the accident might have been, always seek medical attention from the hands of a doctor. Injuries do not always appear on the skin but rather internally where things cannot be seen. From broken bones to head traumas, it is better to be safe and get diagnosed than to ignore it and face the consequences later on. Doctors can provide you with the proper care you need such as referrals for physical therapy, any follow-ups and medication as needed. Doing so will also ensure your insurance claim is up to date with proof of a doctor’s note from injuries. 

Take pictures and note important details

If you are physically well enough to take pictures and/or videos, please take the time to do so before leaving the scene. Having sufficient evidence is crucial on your end to present to insurance agents. Be sure to also note any important details such as exchanging information on anyone else involved, their license plate, time and location of the accident, street names, etc. 

Contact the police

Even if the accident was your fault, you will still want to contact the police. The police will be able to also note any information on any parties involved and can begin to file a report for you. Any witnesses or bystanders at the time of the motorcycle accident may be interrogated by the police themselves to add on to as much evidence as possible. 

Get in touch with an attorney

Last but not least, you will want to get in touch with an attorney who will work with you to diligently get the compensation you deserve. An attorney understands that a motorcycle accident is just as important as any other accident and that providing justice for your personal injury is mandatory. An attorney will also begin the proper paperwork and documentation needed to show to the insurance company.

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