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How serious are low-impact low-speed accidents?

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Blog |

You may have witnessed a highway car accident and thought to yourself how that type of accident cannot top any other accident. But what if we told you that even the smallest low-impact, low-speed accidents can do about the same damage or even worse? Even in situations where a car accident occurs in the smallest of places like a parking space, you are bound to physically feel the pain rather than see any visible damages to your car. 

Equally important as a head-on collision

Some insurance companies may devalue the meaning behind what is considered to be an automobile accident as far as unseen injuries. Therefore, you never run into the risk of going off their own terms while they diminish your case. This can even lead to future wrongful insurance claim settlements. Notably, a low-impact, low-speed accident is considered equally as important as a head-on collision. Attorneys work to give relief to those who foresee challenges with insurance companies in order to maximize any injury claim.

Has a high recovery time rate

It is no secret that anyone who has faced a low-impact, low-speed accident is more prone to a high recovery time rate. It is not a cut to the skin that needs stitches and healing, but rather internal pain that medicine and rehab may not be able to cure fully. Side effects such as whiplash injuries, constant migraines, concussions or even internal bleeding are commonly heard of in low-impact car accidents. The seriousness of these types of car accidents is usually more long-term. Many tend to have a slow recovery and may even experience symptoms long after. 

Affect previously injured people the most

You would think that only the elderly or someone who has never previously been in an accident would be affected the most. But what most do not take into consideration is that those with previous injuries or surgeries may be affected as well. It is important to note that the seriousness of these situations from the previously injured will have a harder time if they were to get into a car accident again. Any health issues will only add on to low-impact low-speed accidents leading to chronic pain and worsen their overall incident. These unforeseen times call for serious measures that only an attorney can strategically lead so that you can receive the claim you deserve. 

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